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by Kazr

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A sprawling, atmospheric album that throws light into dark places.

"Stay" is performed and produced by former Skunkhour keyboard player Paul Searles, currently living in Singapore. This is an immersive album experience shaped by his composing for film and theatre, screenwriting and his early career in architecture.

Part apology, sometimes healing, vengeful, sweet and spiteful, a call to arms.

With walls of vocals, rich layers of vintage keys and guitar, sound mangling and synth battles, Kazr is a cinematic soundscape which traverses some of the tougher issues of our times.


released July 23, 2017

Performed, produced and mixed by Paul Searles at The Gunnery, Singapore.

Additional keyboards recorded by Sloth at The Bunker, Sydney.

Mastered by Andy Wilson Mastering.

Strat solo on Track 11, Ben Rosen.

Additional vocals on Track 3 - Will Halliday, Tony Hoy, Jason Hodges, Sean Peter, Jamieson Battersby, Blair Greenberg, Ben Rosen

Sci Fi art by Fangplastic.



all rights reserved


Kazr Singapore

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Track Name: Take You Down
I hope you’re having fun
Up there in your ivory tower
You think you're fine but it's
All gonna crash down

What were you thinking?
What were you thinking?

In your perfect state you
Take and you take
Run away laughing just as
Soon as it breaks yeah

Where are you running?
Where are you running?

You’re too far gone…

I wish we could turn you around
Before we have to take you down
I wish we could turn you around
Before we have to take you down

I don’t wanna hurt you

You come crawling back here
All air and grace
Walk away fat grin on your face yeah

What were we thinking?
What were we thinking?

You told me you gonna save us all but
Now we're just waiting, to see you fall yeah
Where are your friends now?
Where are your friends now?

They’re all gone…

I wish we could turn you around
Before we have to take you down
I wish we could turn you around
Before we have to take you down

I don’t wanna hurt you
Track Name: Tonight
Wake me up
Waking dream
Tell me again now
What it means

Something is wrong
Something is missing
My reality is slipping

And my days fade way down

Same old room
Same old street
I see you now
Just outa reach

Something is strange
Something is changing
Particles slowly re-arranging

And it’s time to let go

You’re on your way now
And if it's alright
I’ll come along for the ride now

If there's a price
You know I’ll pay it
We can work it all out later

You know it’s time to let go

Walk away
Don’t look back
(what a life)

Walk away now
Track Name: Talk About It
Hold on
Don’t let them turn you round
Hold on
Don’t let them get you down

And it’s a Hollywood dream on a security screen
With a cast of thousands that you’ll never see
And they’re bombing their way all around the world
Making technicolour thrills for all the boys and the girls
You got yourself caught up in a foreign land where you 
Spilled the beans about the master plan and
All the criers and deniers who are in their way are
Gonna get cut down cos there are so many bills to pay

Hold on
don’t let them turn you round
Hold on
don’t let them get you down

You get in all kinds of trouble if you break away but maybe
They’ll appreciate it at the end of the day and if you 
Put yourself out and just say what you feel you know you 
Might hurt someone but you’re keeping it real you gotta
Trust your heart you gotta listen well before they
Mess your head up and put you under their spell they keep
Feeding you shit but you gotta say no you gotta
Keep on moving even if they get you down

Don’t let the bastards get you down…

They took the world away
It’s time to take it back you can 
Vote for who you want but they’ll just
Throw you the scraps you gotta
Take control you gotta
Find a way but you
Gotta do more than just
Talk about it
Track Name: Evermore
Think fast open my eyes now
Something is in the room
Dream’s interrupted my neural structure’s
Gonna be right out of tune

Boogie man what are you doing here?
What are you trying to prove?
You think you can scare me?
You think any of this is real?

Don’t wake me now…

Let the beast out of the box
Make it stop
I’ve had enough

We will never be the same
We will never be the same


Dancing with you is no tango
That I can say for sure
I know you’re having fun but for me, oh
It’s an emotional chore

How did we get ourselves into this?
And how many times before?

How did we end up like this?

Let the beast out of the cage
Onto the stage

It will never be the same
It will never be the same

Track Name: Monotone
It was a flicker at first
Now it’s rolling like thunder
Dark clouds, all round, no sound
Don’t let them drag you under

You can turn them back again

Stop for a second
Step out of the monotone
My love, look around

We will shine now

There was a glitch in the system
I don’t know how they got in here
They said we love the same things
But for different reasons
I guess the reasoning is to blame

You can turn them back again

Stop for a second
Step out of the monotone
My love, look around

We will shine now
Track Name: Don't Hide
Put my ear to the door not sure if you’re there
Or if you care but you’re waiting and you
Let me in just a little bit
Seems to be a change today clouds roll across the way
The storm will break when you’re alone and i’d give
Anything to know what i’ve said or what i’ve done and
Where you’ve been and where you go
Without me

And as the rain comes down and fills the
Paper cups you place around
You save it for another day

Don’t hide away

I drag myself through muddy ways of undertows and tired haze the Seasons turn and turn away through winter nights and drying days I know That I will see you soon a russian doll revealing secret runes and hidden Truths but all the
Lies that I tell myself convince me there are mysteries but
Really I can only blame myself

Don’t hide away
Track Name: Lo Fi
So you set your course for home
Ride the quiet tides, alone
Watch the horizon flash and wind
In the storm you left behind

You’re doing fine

Promises are made and lost
Nobody cares what they cost
All the same now, in the end
As it all starts again
Track Name: Stay
Stay, with me
I hear they’re on the move downtown
Tomorrow they will come for real

Wait, for the sound
They chased me to the end of day
They're coming to collect me now

Faith, up and gone
We lost it in a moment babe 
We lost it when the ship went down

Will you stay with me?
When they come for me?

Breathe, while you can
They’re burning up the air outside
It’s crackling like fireflies

Hold tight, til the end
They’re breaking down the door now babe

Will you stay with me?
When they come for me?

Can it be for real?
Do you know how it makes me feel?

If they take our world away
Will you stay with me?

When they come for me?
Will you stay with me?
Track Name: Come Down
Slow mover, somebody better wind you up again
Soft talker, nobody listened to a word you said

Chasing the light in the golden hour
Into the night…

Come down now
For the late show
You’ll never know girl
Until you feel it

Is it really how you want it to be?

Smooth slider, it’s a slipstream ride til you hit the bend
There’s no hiding, holding your cards til the bitter end

Chasing the light in the golden hour
Into the night…
Track Name: Sorry
Jet lag lost soul 3 star hotel
Traveling hard with a 10 dollar bottle
Statue of liberty waiting at the altar
Wake up, check out, the dreams come after

We lost track, somewhere
It’s not that we don’t care

Ad free preacher trying to get my attention
My mind shorts out running low on retention
Pocket all the lies and get on with the faking
A currency of circumstance and teleprompt takings
Track Name: Rise
If i ever fall again, it will be the moment just
Before i wake, pre-apocalypse babe
No technology, nothing to get in the way
It will be complete, in my sleep 

If i rise again in a day or two
If i rise again it will be with you

If i rise again